Indexhibit CMS 2

In order to access the Indexhibit download you will need to register. Once registered you can pay via Paypal and access a dowload link for the CMS. It is a one time fee valid for the duration of that version series of Indexhibit.

25 Euros *
Student, independent, professional

75 Euros *
Group, collective, agency

* UK/EU residents plus 20% VAT


System Requirements:

- Apache server
- PHP5.1.0+
- MySQL4+
- 'modern' web browser (Safari 4+, Firefox 4+, Chrome, Opera, IE9+)

If you are looking for a webhost - we recommend.

Indexhibit is committed to being inclusive and available for everybody and offers a free concessions version upon request - register for more information. Please note, free users must display an active ‘Built with Indexhibit’ link on their site. Only registered users will receive support in the forum, with payed users receiving priority.