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5 year(s) ago
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Hi there,
I've just finished the basic layout for my illustration portfolio website. The content is missing as I want to get the basic layout perfect before I fill it out.

Take a look:

All comments/suggestions welcome!

5 year(s) ago
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Hi, I just visited your site, it's looking v. good.
The only thing I noticed is that you may not need the information section in the menu, since your info appears on all pages (if that's what you mean by info), and I personally prefer the home page to be at the top. Other than that, I like the three column layout in the About section and the links to your blog comments are great.

Good luck!

lemathieu A
5 year(s) ago
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Yep, cool use, like the mini type size.
Maybe add a little space around your pic in the About page.

Otherwise, unless other sections are coming, I would get ridof the section titles (in "settings" > "sections" > edit > Display Section Title > off).

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