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how to make links with images


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5 year(s) ago
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Does anybody know where I can find a thread about to how to make links in the menu bar with images like this example:

Thanks in advance!
the site that I try tu build is

lemathieu A
5 year(s) ago
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Did you try Usefull Threads ?
Did you made a search ?

5 year(s) ago
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As lemathieu said, you have to check the forum!

One Solution: I know this is a dirty hack but maybe you can work with it.
Check you File ndxz-studio->site->plugin->index.php
at line 184 there is this code:

li class='section-title'

change it to

li class='section-title ". $key ."'

then you will get a extra css class you can stile with whatever you want.

Vaska A
5 year(s) ago
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You might need to neuter the key though...perhaps making it all small caps and without spaces...

  1. li class='section-title sec-". strtolower(str_replace(' ', '-', $key)) ."'

And I would preface it with something - it's a little easier to read in your CSS that way - keep track of things.

  1. li.sec-title-1 a { 
  2. background: url(/path/to/image/title-1.gif) no-repeat;
  3. display: block;
  4. height: 40px;
  5. etc...etc...etc... 
  6. }

Many ways to do this actually...

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