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password protected pages


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7 year(s) ago
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first off, indexhibit rules :)

i have attempted to create password protected pages through the cPanel provided by my hosting company. i create the username and password, and select to have that particular page (which wasn't created with indexhibit) protected. it even creates the htaccess file.

however, when i go to the link i just protected, it just takes my to my homepage as if its blocking me out from that url completely. no dialogue box comes up for login or anything.

long story short...

is creating password protected pages a known incompatibility issue with Indexhibit?

i've found a few other posts with this issue, but never really found a solution or if its just not possible to do while using indexhibit for your site.

thank you very much in advance for any guidance or answers anyone provides!


4 year(s) ago
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I'm also having this problem. Be curious to hear what other people think.

Vaska A
4 year(s) ago
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the original post pertained to the old version of indexhibit which did not have built-in passwording. i'm closing this thread because it's really old...and your problem pertains to v2.

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This thread has been closed, thank you.