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Useful Threads [Frequently Updated]


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This is a collection of useful threads to help with common problems/issues that may arise:


- Some questions for your webhost


- What to ask your webhost...
- 404 File Not Found: (1)
- Config settings problems: (1) (2) (3) (4)
- See code when trying to install
- How to reinstall
- How to reinstall without losing current website content


- How do I make it work with Windows?


- I LOST MY LOGIN/PASSWORD -> go to the downloads page and get the Password Recovery Script.
- I deleted my main page (when I deleted a section)
- Why do I get error messages when I upload images? (1)
- Why do accented characters not show up? (1) (2)
- Changing the main page
- I deleted my Index page - how do I recreate it?
- Why don't my images appear eventhough they uploaded?


- Tips for building your site
- HTML/CSS Basics (recommended)

- How do I add a 'contact form'?
- A better way to show videos using JW Player
- How to create a splash page
- How to adjust margins and paddings
- Change color of links
- Customize section titles
- Expanding menus code and advice (2)
- Inserting logo/image above the menu
- Advanced restyling examples
- Useful links to learn more about CSS
- Homepage random image (not background image, just image)
- Removing link colour on thumbimage hover
- I want Twitter on my site
- How do I get colored background for sections
- How do I center everything on the page?
- How do make by background image flush left and top?
- How to shape my text into columns
- Block Google image indexing, etc
- Create full browser background image
- How can I style a single section in the Index?
- Styling a single page

Other Common Questions

- Where can I get an FTP application?
- How do I get 'clean' urls?
- Can I build in one folder and then move later?
- How to recover the "about this site" link
- How to integrate Wordpress/Blog/etc
- A note regarding iframed/Wordpress
- Problems with OVH?
- I love Indexhibit! Where can I make a donation?

Indexhibit will soon be offering turn-key hosting services.

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