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100% width header div


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9 year(s) ago
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Hi all,

I've just done a quick search to see if it possible to have a header div above both the #menu and #content divs but could find anything?

Is this possible to fit into indexhibit? If so how hard is it? I know the css isn't difficult to do, but not sure if anything else needs to be done, or if it can be done at all?

I hope i'm making sense, please let me know if i'm not and I will try to explain it clearer.

Many thanks.

9 year(s) ago
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Yeah, I suppose, you could add a DIV above the menu. Just create the div in the index.php. But, I think, you'd want to keep divs in the menu and content containers for tidiness.

9 year(s) ago
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cheers redhood, I think i'd keep the containers for tidyness and like you said, just put the header div above the menu. Gonna try it out this evening hopefully so will let you know how it worked out.

I suppose the whole template could also be centred with a fixed width header.

Will experiment with both.

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