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Problems with registration/login


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Vaska A
9 year(s) ago
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Recently we made a change to the forum behind the scenes that will require that you log back into the forum. Please try at every expense to remember or retrieve your password before you contact us.

The problems with folks not receiving their registration info IS NOT CAUSED BY INDEXHIBIT.ORG. The problem is that it either goes to your spam folder or worse that your webhost has blacklisted our domain and auto-deletes our confirmation. Nothing we can do about

Please send us ONE NOTE ONLY and expect that it could take a bit for us to get back to you. We have a large email backlog and can only do so much.

If you send us six emails on a friday evening demanding that we help you immediately (you know who you are) don't be surprised if it takes longer to hear from us. Really...isn't that a bit much?

If you send email to us via our own websites we will delete them...use the contact [at] indexhibit [dot] org email address only. And please to do not send us emails asking for general help - read the forum rules for more info.

Thanks for your patience...

Edit: the interesting thing...often people get their login info before we even get back to them. It clearly works...people need to have a little more patience or simply try another email account.

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