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3 year(s) ago
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I am new to indexhibit. I down loaded the files and now have a new webhost (Blackfoot); I have up-loaded these files and changed the permissions to 777 – but unfortunately I am unable to access… as on the internet I get the message ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’ – WHY does this happen. A question: I only just deleted my previous website which I had through Moonfruit and used my current domain name through them ( - now I did not speak to them regarding me leaving but simply switched of my site; now terminated; but do I need to get the Moonfruit team to send me my domain name, release it? Or is there another reason why I cannot access indexhibit log in screen? I have been typing this:…

Please could someone help me on this matter?

3 year(s) ago
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To begin with, you need to redirect the domain name to your current working server or move the files/folders to the toot directory of your server.

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