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3 year(s) ago
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the website is up and running
I simply want Indexhibit users input and thoughts

Vaska A
3 year(s) ago
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Hi Marco, first of all it's great work. I wish they had some better photos in places but I ran a mid-size architecture firm for a couple years so I know how that goes (and from the designers side too).

I have a bunch of suggestions on the header - I'm using a 13" laptop, as many do, and the images are cutoff at the bottom. I don't like that you can scroll the whole page to see the images in total - they become obscured by the header. So, I feel everything should be scrollable.

The logo is a bit large. I feel it should work within the grid that you have constructed with content (same widths). Additionally, do you really need the address and phone number? I think those should be on the about page. Move the social links to the upper right corner or underneath the exhibit text, reduce the logo and thusly the header, and it would be a little more possible to see the images on a smaller screen.

On the section pages (nice use of Visual Index by the way), I don't think you need to have the title - you could instead use the tabs at the top to highlight the active section. Again, reduction, saving a little space.

There are some minor typographic issues that I feel would be more visible if they were allowed more space to breathe.

All in all, it is nice and has great work. My wife, who is an architect, and I were enjoying looking through the site.

Take criticism with a grain of salt - you were at the discussions and we were not. Great job though...I hope the client is happy with things.

3 year(s) ago
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Thanks so much Vaska
First of all, I want to thank you for your time to check the site out
I welcome and appreciate your criticism, and most of your comments have been walked by and discussed earlier in the design process with the client.
So I would say that I wasnt far off, (except for the 13" monitor screen,)
The client is very happy and excited about the site, she is a well known architect doing work here in Los Angeles.
I am also an architectural designer myself working in Los Angeles, but I am enjoying playing with Indexhibit on the side so much that without expecting it, people are asking me to help them design their website, which is amazing...
Thank you so much for designing and creating an awesome program and putting it out there for others to make it their own.
Thanks Vaska

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