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Adding a "return" button to Over And Over


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lemathieu A
5 year(s) ago
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I would like to have a "return" button and the end of all my exhibits, like on this page (hand made) :
On each page I have h1/h2 titles + images + return button (return to the section page).
I think I should modify the format.over_and_over.php found in ndxzsite > plugin, but i really don't know where and how to.
Thanks in advance.

Best Answer!
5 year(s) ago
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I think I know you from somewhere... :-P

You can use a variable for this... I'm still learning from stuff Vaska's posting here but you can add this towards the end of the over_and_over.php

  1. <a href='{{baseurl}}/{{section}}'>Back to {{section}}</a>

The above will create a link that takes you "Back to the_section_that_the_exhibit_is_in"
Try inserting the following after line 221 of the over_and_over.php file:

  1. $s .= "<a href='{{baseurl}}/{{section}}'>Back to {{section}}</a>";

Of course you can customize the text with an image etc.

  1. $s .= "<a href='{{baseurl}}/{{section}}'><img src='URL_OF_IMAGE' alt='back to section' /></a>";
lemathieu A
5 year(s) ago
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Effectively, you remind me somebody… :D
You're learning well (and more), and with little adjustements i found my way :

  1. $s .= "<div class='retour'><a href='{{baseurl}}/{{section}}'><img src='/files/bouton-retour.png' alt='Retour au menu de section' width='120' height='100' margin='0' padding='0' float='left' /></a></div>";

I added a div because i wasn't able to adjust margins directly in the format, so i made it that way.

Thank you very much Pindaros !


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