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horizontal quality and list style hover


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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5 year(s) ago
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I have two questions (hope its ok to write them in the same thread):

1. the quality of the pic is changing between "horizontal" (less good) and "over and over" (much better) I just wanted to know if there is anyway to change it (i have already made the quality in the "options.php" 100, and it didn't change the "horizontal".

2. I have added in the style.css this code to put a dot in the submenu in active, which works great:
#index ul.section { list-style: disc; }
for a while now I'm trying to add this code to the submenu buttons as hover, through the relevant hover sections, and also to find a new code for that, because I thought that this code might only for active, but didn't find anything.. will love to have any kind direction for this one..

sorry for making it so long..
will highly appreciate any kind of advice or direction,

5 year(s) ago
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Not sure what you mean by quality is better using one format and less when using another...

As for your second question this should do it:

  1. #index ul.section li.exhibit_title:hover { list-style: square; }
Vaska A
5 year(s) ago
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Horizontal, if not used properly, will upscale your images if they are not tall enough when you upload them. This is probably what you are noticing...

5 year(s) ago
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amazing arsondpi... its works perfectly! thank you very much..

Hi Vaska.. :) thanks for reply.. and of of course your'e right. I uploaded in till now images in 600px high, and now i tried with 602 (like i set in the exhibit Options) and its worked.. i can't believe i spent on it so much time in other directions.. its just makes so much sense...

thanks again, you 2 have just saved the day...(mm.. the week:)

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