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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.4 on April 10, 2017.

Some helpful notes


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Pages can not be viewed, 400, 403, etc error after Installation.
Installation - Common Problems
Check the bottom of the page.

What is my DB Name, Server, Username, Password?
If you don't know, check with your webhost or look in your site control panel.

When installing why can't I choose a language?
You are either on an IIS server (instead of Apache) or your server has an atypical configuration. Let us know if you are definitely on an Apache server and having the problem - check with your webhost if you aren't sure what kind of server you are on.

Are you hosting with OVH? Here's some info for you.


I'm locked out of Indexhibit!
Go to the downloads page and find the 'Password Recovery Script'. Be sure you read the instructions too.

Why do my images not show up after they are input into the system?
It's most likely an odd permissions issue your webhost should be informed about.

Customizing stuff?
We recommend that before you customize anything you create a new template set. Check the /ndxz-studio/site/eatock/readme.txt file for info to get started. You can edit up your own CSS. And, the plugins are simply PHP.

Uploading Movies and Flash files


What's the best procedure for upgrading?.
First of all, back everything up. If you have not made any changes to the cms, templates or plugins then just replace your files. Otherwise, you will need to either ignore your adjust files or need to reapply your changes after upgrading.


If you want your site to appear in the list and it's a completed site then send us a note via contact [at] indexhibit [dot] org. We reserve the right to exclude sites if they are offensive.

You want to change your url or you do not want your url in the list?
Let us know. ;)

-- LOVE --

We love it! How can we help?
Check the contribute page. We can be hired for custom installations*, design. Donations are welcome. ;)

* Indexhibit is a mini-version of a large-scale cms called Modular Website Management created by Vaska as well.

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