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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.4 on April 10, 2017.

Can I find more themes?


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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5 year(s) ago
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I just bought indexhibit yesterday for a photography site..... I saw a post in the forum saying that other themes beyond the default will be available for v 2 soon. Am I right assuming that until then you pretty much have edit the css and code?
I found this code at

and I wondered where to put it and where I can find more resources for the framework. I have to admit beyond knowing what css and http are I'm wandering in the dark, but I'd like to end up with something that looks like the photo site on jsfiddle.

Vaska A
5 year(s) ago
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We have a better one around here, without the odd graphics (and that is old code that will not work with v2), in the plugins section called Indexpand.

There are some other formats floating around the forum right now...

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5 year(s) ago
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There's no need for this.
Simply check the Indexpand plugin in the Plugins section on the left.

Also search the Customize section of this forum for the Columner theme (currently in beta). Indeed there's a bunch of goodies that Vaska is preparing but currently he's working on a bunch of these new things and I'm afraid I can't give you a precise time schedule.

As for customizing you can edit the index.php and style.css files (with your ftp application or via Admin/Assets/Theme) to start with.

5 year(s) ago
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Thanks guys

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