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Jeffery Vaska
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Dear Indexhibit User:

If you are a purchasing user of Indexhibit version 2 simply login to your account for access to our forum.

For more than seven years we tried to build a sustainable project giving Indexhibit and support away for free but we are no longer able to continue this practice.

We released version 2 more than two years ago - if you haven’t upgraded and are having problems you should consider upgrading. We are continuing to ensure that Indexhibit runs smoothly on webhosts just like yours.

If you need support for the old version, or wish to upgrade to version 2, you will need to purchase a download of Indexhibit. Your purchase entitles you to support in our forum and use of version 2.

Purchasing is easy to do after you have registered with our site.

Indexhibit needs your support too. Let’s work towards seven more years!

Kind Regards