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3 year(s) ago
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I updated to 2 and started over with my site. I added social media buttons and a favicon. I implemented google webfonts. Please let me know what you think and anything I can improve upon. I appreciate any feedback! My new website is:

Vaska A
3 year(s) ago
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I think we need to find a way to elevate this section of the forum to be more prominent - people don't seem to check it like the other forums (for the obvious reason).

I'll just run through things I see in a random order...

- I think the line-height for your exhibits is a bit too tight. You could loosen it up via #exhibit .container { line-height: ... }. Where it's most difficult is when you have a title like BIO (on the About page) - needs more room.

- maybe, you might consider adding a tiny bit of space under your section titles?

- I like this typeface.

- you are using a version of Slideshow that we ultimately decided to not release. I really like it though - we'll have to bring it back in some form.

- maybe your images could be a little larger since you aren't doing more with the space?

- did you know that you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move through images, as well?

- this is always an odd one, but should your images align with your name (in the index)? Or, perhaps with the first section title?

- after following a link we don't get any visual indication that an exhibit has been visited - I don't know if you want that or not.

Just suggestions. You have some nice work.


lemathieu A
3 year(s) ago
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my thoughts :

- i agree with Vaska for line-height and section titles (not enough space), and alignement between index and exhibit.

- i like your random pictures choice on the home, the slideshow (even if we don't see arrows at first glance /on landing), and font.

- yes, images could be larger

- i would add a "target blank" to your icons links.

ps: an american with a french name living in Greece, that's very Indexhibitish ;)

3 year(s) ago
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haha! I am actually in Athens, GA in the US, not Greece. I really appreciate the feedback from both of you. The line-height is something I noticed but hadn't put the time into fixing just yet. And I wasn't sure about the picture size because I was hoping to accomodate most screen sizes. I need to check it on a few computers. Thanks again for taking the time to check. I'm going to get to work on fixing a few of these issues.

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