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Radio plugin?


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5 year(s) ago
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Hi all,

I'm just in the process of getting my content together to start a site.

I wanted to check whether it was possible to add a radio stream plugin? I'm not completely sure if I've phrased that correctly, but basically what I'm wanting to do is broadcast a weekly 'ethnography' live on my site. I'm a social anthropologist and am looking to use multiple medias to get my work across.

Any feedback much appreciated!

Kind regards

5 year(s) ago
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Of course it is.
You need to embed it via some code provided from your streaming company or you need to create this code.First you need to check this with the streaming radio host.
You can use any text area or insert it in your themes index.php page

Vaska A
5 year(s) ago
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Andrew, I would be interested in helping you make some tools like this - I'm a bit of a junior ethnographer and this is very interesting to me. Feel free to send an email to us and we can have a chat about this...

contact at indexhibit dot org

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