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config.php file problem


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4 year(s) ago
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We are using indexhibit070e for our website. So on we have it in polish, however we'd like to make also an english one.
To set up second exhibition I made new database and new database user, I also copied all the files to ftp - to different catalog than previous site (/ENG/ndxz-studio while previous site is in /ENG). During the installation process, after I filled up all the data on third screen there is an error "You need to delete the /ndxz-studio/config/config.php file if you wish to install Indexhibit.". After removing config.php (form /eng directory) and installing indexhibit again there is an "xx check config" error. Then, when I push button again, there is "You need to delete the /ndxz-studio/config/config.php file if you wish to install Indexhibit." error again - so I stuck in the loop. What is more MySQL database is still empty (0.00MB) - what, i guess, means that instalation is not fulfilled.
After removing install.php i have login screen, but default login (index1) and password (exhibit) doesnt work.

I'm not sure, but mayby I just can't install two copies of indexhibit070 on one server?

Installation adress is:…

Please help :).

4 year(s) ago
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*previous (polish) site is of course not in /ENG but in main server directory

Best Answer!
4 year(s) ago
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First of all use lower case - eng and not ENG.
Second of all you need to do the following:
- copy all the files and folders (including the htaccess file*) to your eng folder.
- export the existing database to a sql file to your computer - then import the database to the new eng database.
- edit the database connection details in the eng config.php with the new details.
Now you should be able to login. If you can't then try the password reset script found on the Plugins section on the left.
Once you get the eng site working then you should have a second copy of the polish site - you just need to edit the texts.

* certain hosts/server do not allow two htaccess files in different directories and thus this maybe an issue.

4 year(s) ago
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Ok, now it works!
Thank You very much for your help. I really appreciate it.

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