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Section styling in Menu


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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First of all thank you very much for a fantastic CMS design. I am making updates to my website and am stumped over what to do with the styling of the 'Section titles' in the Menu. They seem 'stuck' on bold and I would like to match it to the style of the exhibit titles. I have tried to change every potential line of code in my theme style.css and it doesn't seem to change.

My website is The menu currently lists my exhibits. You will see two 'Text' entries. The bold one is the section title and the 'regular' one is a link entry to the 'Text' section which I created as a workaround for now. Hope I have covered everything in my question. Thank you!

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Add this to your style.css:

  1. #index ul.section span.section_title, #index ul.section span.section_title a {
  2.     font-weight: normal;
  3. }
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That worked a treat bipster. Thank you very much!

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