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Remove sidebar completely


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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4 year(s) ago
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I would like the "exhibit format" of my Index page to be "Visual Index," and remove the side bar completely, so my website main page is a nice grid of images without any text whatsoever... (I realize that it would imply adding "return" links on all the projects pages in order to navigate back to the Index page, but that's fine.)

So my question is: how to remove the sidebar completely? I imagine I would have to delete something in the css file directly but not sure where to start...

Removing all text in pre/post nav etc in the sidebar makes it so there is a huge space on the left side of the website, so it's helping but not quite there... I would like the grid to be well centred.

Of course it means: backup!

Thank you in advance for your advices,


Vaska A
4 year(s) ago
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Centering visual index is a bit of work - you can do this easiest by simply choosing the right thumb sizes, padding and overall width. It's not technically centered...

I have something though...I'll upload it in a bit...need to find it...

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Vaska A
4 year(s) ago
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I sent you some files to play with...

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