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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.4 on April 10, 2017.



Indexhibit version: 2.0
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the last update was in June 8th. I wonder how the process for a Responsive design is going. As now more people use mobile devices for the web excess, it is very important to be Responsive.

Is there any realistic time frame when or if we can see the possibilities for a Indexhibit upgrade to something like 3.0?


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If we're taking requests here, I have one: please make sure any responsive themes have an option NOT to resize images on desktop computers. Shrinking them down for an iPhone is one thing, but screwing with pixels on a normal size screen is a recipe for disaster, and the thing that makes most responsive CMS products unusable for photography (specifically, it smears fine detail and makes film grain look like oatmeal). I like (no, LOVE) the simplicity of the indexhibit concept, but I also like the mobile version of the menu you have on the current indexhibit homepage. Very simple, clean, and elegant, as it should be. It fits the indexhibit idea perfectly.

I also think it would be great if we could get a timeline on upcoming upgrades. I have a major site overhaul coming up and would like to use indexhibit. The amount of time invested on site design is significant, so software status is a factor that must be considered.

Much appreciated!

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