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How and where can I add ALT TAGS on my images? :)


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Hello all!

Trying to find the best place to add ALT TAGS to my images so they rank in Google Search engine.

I've checked back through the Forum and think I have found the correct place to do it: within the actual php document of the format I am using (admin - assets - /plugin/format.over_and_over.php)

However, I am not skilled with code so not sure exactly what I should alter to enter. Originally I added Tags for my images under Admin - Settings - Tag tab but realise now this is nothing to do with Alt tagging (I think!). Under the Tag tab I tagged all photos as my name Calvin Holbrook, and would like to alt tag all my images in the same way. My site is

If anyone can offer some advice, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work!

Best wishes


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