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Install V2 for testing and still use V0.73 REBOOT


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Hi there,
Just to follow up, with this thread:

Install V2 for testing and still use V0.73 (until V2 is ready)...…

After I have a functioning V2 site, how do I do the switcheroo?


1-I already have a V0.73 functioning in 'public_html/mysite/'

2-I make a new database, upload the V2 /ndxzsite/ and /ndxzstudio/ folders to 'mysite/' (they won't conflict because V0.73 just has one folder called 'ndxz-studio')

3-I change appropriate permissions on V2 folders

4-I install by going to… and follow through with the install.

5-I upload the V2 '/files' folder, V2 htaccess and index.php files to
a new subfolder called 'mysite/testerfolder', and move the V2 /ndxzsite/ and /ndxzstudio/ folders to 'mysite/testerfolder' as well.

6- build a nice new V2 site, all in the 'testfolder'

7-Now I want to switch from using the V0.73 site to the new V2 site

Do I move my V0.73 site (htaccess, /files, /ndxz-studio, and index.php) to another new folder called 'mysite/oldsite073/'
and then
move the new V2 site (htaccess, /files, /ndxzstudio, /ndxzsite, and index.php) up one level to 'mysite/' (where the V0.73 used to be)?

my domain name is pointing to the old V0.73 index.php file, so it should load the new one in the old one's place. but will this work?

I'm not sure I understood Vaska's reply, can you confirm?

The reason I ask all this is that the brucemyren's site is busted when I look now… he's the guy that asked this question originally in the above referenced forum post.

I'd be very thankful for some insight, I can't have any downtime on my site or it will definitely kill my young small business. I would like to go for V2 and not just keep adding to my functional V0.73 if possible.

thanks for reading and in advance for your help



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