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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.5 on January 14th, 2018.

What to ask your webhost...


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Vaska A
9 year(s) ago
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You can cut and paste this to send your webhost for these scenarios:

Will Indexhibit work with my current webhost?

Hello Webhost:

I would like to install Indexhibit on my hosting account so I would like to know if my current setup supports the following requirements:

- PHP4 or above
- MySQL 3.23 or above
- Apache hosted on Linux (or similar but Windows will not work)
- mod_rewrite enabled (optional)

If my current situation does not meet these requirements can you switch me to a server that does? Are there any additional costs I might incur doing this?

Thank you

How do I connect to my database?

Dear Webhost:

I would like to install Indexhibit on my hosting account but I need to know my database connection information. Is there a place inside the control panel where I may either look this up and/or manage my databases? Do you provide any tutorials to help me manage my databases?

Once I know my database name, database user name, database password and database host I can then easily install Indexhibit on my own.

Thank you

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