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How Unlinking Section Titles?


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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2 year(s) ago
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How do I unlink the top section title in the index?

My web site is: I would like the titles of each section: ABOUT, PROJECT, CONTACT is the section titles and not the pages of the site. I would like be as this my other web:

I tried to change base.css, style.css, I read all the comments and advice. I uploaded, the plugin. But it does not work.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you very much!

Waiting your answer!


2 year(s) ago
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Hello again!
currently I use the plugin Expanding Menus v1.0.

But I'd like to have a menu like the web that I described in my previous post .

2 year(s) ago
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Hi Duae,

I think I've found the answer to this by accident.

Do you want something like the menus on my site ( Just static titles, that you can't click?

Here's how I did it:
- create section in the Admin page (e.g. PERSONAL on the example you linked to)
(don't change anything in this menu, just click update)
- then go to the 'Index' page (i.e. by clicking on 'Indexhibit', top left)
- then click 'Create' to create an exhibit (e.g. 'Somewhere' on the site you linked to)
- make sure you place it in the section you've just created, on the drop-down menu
- add the content
- click publish on this exhibit.

So in short: create a section, don't publish this, create an exhibit within that section, publish this.

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