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Exhibit format blocked on visual index


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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2 year(s) ago
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Hello everyone,

When i create a new exhibit, I can't change the format.
It's blocked on visual index.

  1. Facts :
  2. - I can change the format of previews exhibit
  3. - I can upload pictures to a new exhibit, but then, if I create another exhibit, the same picture will be displayed. Weird, right ?
  4. - Permissions are set up correctly
  5. - Everything was working fine few month ago. I re-upload my backup to the server, no success.
  6. - I'v deleted and updated the ndxsite, no success
  7. - url rewrite is on
  8. - .htaccess are set tup correctly
  9. - I went to the database, everything seems fine (PHP5.7)
  10. - I re-upload a backup of the database, no success
  11. - I have one database, for two websites : one is the subdomain, the other one is the main domain (it has always work like that)
  12. - config.php ends like that : define('PX', 'ndxzbt_2') ; the "2" links to the other content of the database, for the subdomain.
  13. - only the subdomain has this problem (so I guess the database is right)
  14. - my provider is OVH
  15. - obviously I tried with different browsers, purged the cache...

A bit of help will be highly appreciated :) I hope I did miss something.

1 year(s) ago
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--> Indexhibit uses mysql_connect... which has been removed from php7.

So, bye bye indexhibit... maybe see you soon with an update one of these years :)

Vaska A
1 year(s) ago
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It doesn't help you today, but there will be an updated for PHP7 before the end of October (yes, really). I hope early in the month but I don't know, yet.

Most hosts allow you to use alternate versions of PHP - usually located in the hosting control panel. Might work for the moment...


This thread has been closed, thank you.