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HELP - Lost password, e-mail address AND cannot log in to Filezilla


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1 year(s) ago
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Ok guys I really hope you can help me out..

I cannot remember the password to enter in the /ndzx-studio link for my website. And it somehow says it does not recognise the reset e-mail addresses I enter (I created the website in 2010). AND I cannot log in to my FTP server to run the password reset script for my website.

I guess putting the password reset script on my website is the last chance for me to be able to login again, right?

So I tried logging in to Filezilla to put the password reset module there, but it won't work. I have a new computer and I have the Hostname, username, password written down here on a piece of paper, but not the port number. When I try to log in without the port number it says (translated from Dutch):
"Status: failed to connect with "EAI_NONAME - no node name or server name such as this exists or familiar with us "

Does this have to do with the port number? If yes, what port number do I put in? If no, what do I do to log in to Filezilla?

Thanks a bunch in advance! I really need my website for my work..

1 year(s) ago
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Yes, you'll have to figure out how to connect to your FTP again.

EAI_NONAME, means Filezilla cannot resolve the hostname; either you've made a mistake or your hosting provider did something to it. You should ask for help over there; I can't know if you should use ftps or sftp or a special port, if they've changed to a different domain, they should know.


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