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Indexhibit version: 2.0
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1 year(s) ago
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have the same old problem which one is I cannot log in at my OWN WEBSITE (
After trying many times I wrote my email for reset the password but THERE ARE NO EMAIL SENDED BACK for fix the issue.
It' s a long time i asked you to solve a basic problem like login password and you answered me that you cannot do nothing or check the other thread..
This sound really unprofessional and you have to be shamed about your way of work.
Probably you will not answer at that message .. so I just tell you if you will not help me to solve this ridiculous issue asap, i will delete my subscription at indexhibit and I obviously will not talk good about you.

Vaska A
1 year(s) ago
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First of all, you don't have a "subscription" with Indexhibit. If you have a subscription paying somebody monthly for things - then you are being ripped off.

There are scripts here that can help you with your password issue (as it is pointed out in the forum many times and also in the auto-response to support email) - that is all the help available for this.

Indexhibit is not a webhost - we don't host your site - we do not have any access whatsoever to your site or to change your password.

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