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Unable to edit my Website


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11 month(s) ago
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Hi, please help! I am ashamed to say I have not upgraded my Indexhibit template since 2009. I have however been able to edit my current site up till now...The link below that I have used for years is no longer working.…

I also tried...

An error comes up saying internal server error, this also came up a couple of months ago when I last tried. My website works other than this but I need to edit it...I am also wanting to upgrade to new web indexhibit template but want to get to the edit section first so that I can back everything up.

Please could you tell me how to sort.


11 month(s) ago
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I tried replacing the ndxzstudio/db/db.mysql.php file with the new one (found the idea in another tread) and still does not work. If I updated the site to the new version will it fix the problem do you think? My host is GODADDY.

thank you!

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