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Cannot Upload image , msg "ERROR ABORT"


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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5 month(s) ago
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I checked the forum for answers, but couldn't find any. I am trying to upload small images, below 200K. Also I have tried all the browsers. I am on Google Chrome right now. I can upload text, but images are not uploading. It's giving the "error abort " message when I upload the image.
I also checked at the server end for space, they said I have enough space.

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

Vaska A
5 month(s) ago
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is your site updated?
was the server recently upgraded?

most of the time, if you get an error like this out of the blue it's because of server upgrade or the tmp folder is missing/damaged, etc. both of these, you need to ask your webhost about.



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