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Bug! Fatal Error: romanizeFile()


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9 year(s) ago
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Hey Vaska.
I think, here is a little bug. I have installed the Indexhibit CMS, create some pages, upload somes pictures, designed my template and so on... everythink works fine.
But as i tryed to upload a Flashfile with the File-Manager, I got this error:

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: romanizeFile() in /www/htdocs/[...]/ndxz-studio/helper/output.php on line 115"

The file properties:
Filename: "Bart´s Project.swf"
Filesize: 220kb

I am sure, the specialchar >´< is the problem here. I know, its not very beautyful to name local files like that, but the user is the king ;-) So, the programmer must filter this chars or rename the file while receiving.
After I renamed my Flashfile localy, the upload was successful.

So long,
greez Jenny

Vaska A
9 year(s) ago
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You are missing some files when you reinstalled...note the error mention...'undefined fucntion' means it doesn't exist. Just check with the files you downloaded from this website with the ones you uploaded to you server...

It should be an easy fix.

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