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My section header is now a link


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8 year(s) ago
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I've been creating a pre nav link as my logo top left, but this seems to have caused a glitch as my first section header has now become a link instead of just a black header. Can't seem to switch it back.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

Also, another thing - i want '&'s to appear in my nav links, but they disappear before I can save them - does anyone know a way round this or is it a known bug?

thank you very much, and loving Indexexhibit!

8 year(s) ago
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close the a tag that wraps your image in your prenav

  1. ...</a>
8 year(s) ago
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thank you! can you tell i'm a beginner?
thanks a lot.
Don't know if you know about the ampersands '&' in the nav links at all - has anyone else had problems with this?

thanks again

8 year(s) ago
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Yup. I've started having this problem too. I've been using ampersands in my nav links quite happily up to now, but suddenly when I try to add a menu item with an ampersand in the title it won't allow me to save it. Can't understand why it should suddenly not work. Anyone got any ideas?

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