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How To Create Submenu


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8 year(s) ago
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Hi everyone!
I've been surfing around the forums, but haven't been around finding help regarding making a simple submenu, not the jQuery.

The Site

So in that link you guys will find the web page I am currently setting up.

Well what I'm trying to do is to make a section called "PROYECTOS" and have it on top of the current "Comercial" section to act as a submenu and under "Comercial" to have working the "Centro del Color Pintuco" which is already there.

So "PROYECTOS" would "Comercial" but also some other submenus which will lead to different proyects.

Is this possible? Or If anyone knows, a thread or tutorial where I can have a shot a this?

Help greatly appretiated! :)

8 year(s) ago
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What I need is

Proyectos ----- Menu
Comercial ----- SubMenu
Centro del color ---- Proyect

But I've looked at the forums but haven't found anything relevant.

Or may is it a plugin? Dunno! Gonna keep lookin'!!! ;)

Vaska A
8 year(s) ago
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It's not easy...which is why nobody has a fast answer for this. You have to dig in and try and then we'll try to help you out along the way.

8 year(s) ago
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Roger that!!!!!

I'm gonna have a read at what I can do about it... I ain't no programmer though. No idea bout PHP and just a little notion on CSS.

Any pointers on where to start would be good, gonna keep lookin anyways! :)

7 year(s) ago
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Hi there. Have you already found a solution? Or you just give up? I'm having the same problem, i want to create submenus on my site.

My site:

Filipe Silva

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