Installing Indexhibit 2

If you are familiar with domain names, webhosting, setting up the database and/or FTP you can skip to the short installation version here.

These instructions are only for new installations of Indexhibit (upgrades have a different set of instructions and files).

Webhosting and domain name

To install Indexhibit, you will need a domain name and server space from a Webhost. A domain name is the url of your website - like ''. Server space is a part of a server that is connected to the internet and in which you can put files that will be accessible through the web. This is not in your computer!

You will need to get both the domain name and the server space before you can install Indexhibit. You can buy them separately, or if your webhost provides domain names, you can buy them together through your webhost. If you choose this option, make sure that they buy the domain in your name, so you're free to change webhosts in the future without losing your domain name.

If you want to purchase your domain name separately from the webhost we recommend [] or []. From here, you direct your DNS settings to your webhost (who will provide the necessary information about this).

What webhost should I use?

The requirements to install Indexhibit are quite simple. Your webhost should be compatible with the following specifications (you should ask them if it's not clear for you):

- Apache server (not Windows)
- PHP 5 or greater
- MySQL 4 or greater
- optionally, ask them if they allow mod_rewrite for "clean urls"

We provide a list of reputable hosts we've worked with over the years here.

Once you have your domain name and webhosting you are ready to setup your FTP application and database.

FTP applications

An FTP application is a tool used for connecting your computer to your webhost - this allows you to upload/download files directly and safely from them. Your host will provide you with FTP host, login and password information which will allow you to make the connection.

There are a great variety of FTP applications on the market so we'll simply get to our recommendations:


Coda - is both an FTP and text editing application. Eventually you will need both during the existence of your website. Coda, which is not free, stands above other similar applications because it is full featured, very well designed and intended for visual people (who need to play with code).

Mac, PC & Linux

Filezilla - is another free FTP application that is also quite popular and useful.

Creating your MySQL database

Before you can install Indexhibit you must have a database setup on your webhosting account. Webhosts have different ways of doing this and you should consult with the support services (many webhosts come with database preinstalled, too).

Indexhibit requires that you have the following information for installation:

Database Host/Server
Database Name
Database User name
Database User password

Ask your host for help obtaining this information if necessary. Once you have everything prepared you are ready to begin installing Indexhibit.

Synopsis of Installation

1 - download/unzip/upload
2 - place permissions
3 - input info/install to database
4 - update your information
5 - delete install.php


Register at to download the files directly to your computer. Unpack the files with your unzip application (usually you can simply double click on the file itself).


Locate the 'root' directory of your website (or the directory of your choice) with your FTP application. Webhosts have many different setups in this respect so you should ask them for help if you can't identify the 'root' directory of your website by yourself. Normally, you will be looking for folders with names like "public_html", "root", "www", etc.

Using your FTP application, upload the files to the root directory (or directory of your choice). Make sure you upload the files from within the folder you downloaded from Indexhibit - do not upload the folder itself or you will end up with your website at


With your FTP application, you need to change 'permissions' on some files before you can proceed. To access permissions of files and folders, you need to look at their 'properties' or 'information'. If you click/highlight a file or folder and then command + I you will usually be presented with the permissions dialog.

You need to change the permissions of the following folders to 777 (or ask your host if 755 will work instead - it's safer):


Now, you are ready to install Indexhibit.


You have created the database and have uploaded all the files to the server changing the folders permissions. Now you install Indexhibit. These instructions are only for new installations of Indexhibit (upgrades have a different set of instructions and files).

- Go to the installation page via your web browser.

Replace with your actual domain name.

- Select a language and click on the next button.

- Once you have selected the language, Indexhibit checks that the permissions are correctly set. If everything is green you can go on.

- Enter your personal information.

This is information of your own choice and can be changed later.

- Enter your database information.

This is where you put in the information you saved about your MySQL database:

Database Host/Server
Database Name
Database User name
Database Password
Database Prefix - only change if installing more than once to same database

If you are having problems with installation search our forum and/or ask specific questions. Also, consult our common installation problems tutorial.

- Modify your login and password.

Here you should confirm your name, last name and email address. The most important part is where you create your Indexhibit login and password. Fill in the login field with a username of your choice and write a password twice to confirm you wrote it correctly. In case this page closes before changing your login and password, do not worry, you can access with the default information - "index1" is the login and "exhibit" is the password.

- Delete install.php

If the installation was successful, you have one last step before you can start playing with your website. Access your server with your FTP application, open the ndxzstudio folder and delete the install.php file. This is extremely important to keep your contents safe.

- Load content into your website

Go to and login to start uploading content to your website.


If you are having problems with installation search our forum and/or ask specific questions. Also, consult our common installation problems tutorial.