Index + Exhibit

Updating an Indexhibit 2 website

It is quite safe and easy to update an Indexhibit verion 2 or greater website. We have separated the 'studio' from the 'website' which allows for very easy updates.

Before performing any kind of upgrade or update backup your files.

After you have downloaded and unzipped your Indexhibit files, you simply need to only reupload the 'ndxzstudio' folder. Afterwards, when you log in to the studio you will see a yellow banner across the top of the studio with a link to complete the upgrade. Unless there are additional instructions, you are then updated.

Updating the website files in the 'ndxzsite' folder should be done on a case by case basis - per format, per plugin, etc. We are working on a new update system to help you identify which files have updates available for them. Additionally, when people ask questions about problems or bugs in the forum they are often directed to file updates if they are available - consulting the forum the best place for detailed information.