Webhosting Recommendations

Over the years we have seen alot of different webhosts and while there are some really good, affordable webhosts, there are also alot of very cheap and low quality hosts as well. The following is a list of things to consider when choosing a webhost and also our recommendations.

1 - Cost should not be your primary concern. Free is usually unstable. Very cheap, is usually over sold and will become unstable later (generally the database will become extremely slow).

2 - What kind of support do they offer: wiki, tutorials, email, ticketed, phone, live chat? How quickly do they respond to questions?

3 - What kind of control panel do they have? cPanel, which is very common, is useful but very ugly. Look for a host who might offer something clear and customized for the user.

4 - Databases should not cost extra - you should get more than one as part of the package. Nearly all webhosts offer more bandwidth and space than you will need so it's not much of an issue.

5 - Ask your friends and colleagues about their own experiences, as well.

Please note that we have not authorized any webhosts to use our name selling hosting for Indexhibit. No webhosts, aside from the two we refer, help support this project financially. We have asked them to stop but they will not. You are welcome to choose your own webhost but please do not use hosts that are using our hard work/support, name and reputation for their own personal profit.


We are only going to recommend hosts we have alot of experience with. We have worked with some amazing hosts over the years, which were not always inexpensive - this list represents what we feel is good value for the average webhostee.

Indexhibit is paid a referral fee if you sign up with these hosts - it's another way you can help support Indexhibit. Please remember to let them know we sent you...


Dreamhost is a very popular and successful webhost which has been around for many years. They offer their own customized control panel which is very complete - it has more features than you will likely ever need. We have found their support to be very responsive and detailed in their answers. When you sign up they will give you a years free domain name and register it under your name (not theirs).

Please use our coupon INDEXHIBIT when you sign up:

» Dreamhost


Yes, we were afraid of their branding too, but they have been a great host. Indexhibit.org (this website) has been hosted with them for a couple years now without fault. They provide a live 24/7 chat support system that has always been fast and friendly for us. Their control panel consists of cPanel but you can quickly get the job done.

» Hostgator


If you sign up with one of our links we'll even install your site for you - but you need to make sure we are receiving the commission. Just send us a note via our contact page.