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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.4 on April 10, 2017.

How do I delete the old indexhibit thoroughly so I can install the new one?


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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6 year(s) ago
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I saw that it recommended just deleted the old one and installing the new one but there wasnt any tutorial listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

6 year(s) ago
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delete index.php and htaccess/.htaccess from your root, and folders files and ndxz-studio

after that you have 3 options:

1) login into your mysql database (your host's control panel, phpmyadmin) select the indexhibit tables and 'drop' them (that's what deleting tables is called in mysql)
After this you are ready to make a new installation on the same old database

2) even simpler, if the only thing you have in that database is your old site and you're getting rid of it, just login into your host's control panel and delete the whole database. Then you make a new database, and use that one to install indexhibit

3) even, even simpler, don't do anything at all about your database with old indexhibit tables, install the new indexhibit and, when you get to where you must fill in your database information, change the last field 'database append' from ndxz_ to something else, for example ndxz2_ (this will create different tables alongside the old ones in the database, but as your old site won't be in use anymore, it really doesn't make any difference)


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