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Yet Another XX Config Question.


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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4 year(s) ago
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Hello. I have run into the the "XX Check Config" issue. This is already my second time installing the necessary files onto my root folder of my website.

Everything currently looks like this:

Database Server Address: localhost
Database Name: wpphoto_indexnew
Database Username: walt_parada
Database Password: the password (is correct, have checked)
Database Append: ndxzbt_

I have checked to ensure all privileges are granted to the Database name, and at this stage -- the second time around -- I am completely lost. I really want to use Indexhibit. I've contacted my host (Yahoo!) and they specified there is no issue on their side and based on my explanation to them, it seems I have done everything correctly.

Yet I still keep running into this XX Config Check issue and don't know what to do. I have read previous threads, and can't resolve this.

Vaska A
4 year(s) ago
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I have seen tons of problems trying to install on Yahoo stuff even by very skilled people. I tried once long ago and got nowhere... Difficulty level is very high there for something that is quite simple.

Also, I'm quite certain that the server is not "localhost" - they should be able to confirm the connection strings.

4 year(s) ago
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Thank you very much for your response, Vaska! This is disappointing to find out, but not surprising. I appreciate your time.

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