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Retina Display


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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3 year(s) ago
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Hi, is there someone that have news about retina display? The results in retina display are very bad...
There is this retina.js. it works?

3 year(s) ago
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For other sites of mine Ive put image size limitations that are 50% of the actual image size..

for example:

when the actual image width and height were 1300 and 856, respectively. This always solves the retina display issue for images in my experience.

Vaska A
3 year(s) ago
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You are welcome to implement that on your site..we're not stopping you...

How do we deal with retina and multiple images for the same thing in our interface? Multiple uploads for every image? Eesh...I don't even know...

We have to deal with a size limitation because of shared hosting's such a pain!

I'm looking for good ideas...

2 year(s) ago
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i don't have the knowledge to try this retinajs for myself. I learnt many things through these forums but always with help, i'm not a programmer, i have other areas of expertise.
i wish indexhibit could offer site visitors images of higher res when they're on retina displays! (like i am).

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