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Indexhibit version: 2.0
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I am really confused and have no idea how to change the sections?

Basicially what I am trying to achieve is this:


Projects (Static Title)

Treehouse 2010 (Project Name / Clickable link / Hover over or click on changes the colour)

Now, the problem I am having is the following:

1.) In the indexhibit sections there is not options I am finding the have static titles or to have a link or to put something into a section.

2.) When I go to the plugin to change fonts/colour etc I am changing the colour but this is not being applied when I then view my site in the browser to see changes made?

I also have a further problem with the sections whereby my MAIN and PROJECTS titles and my name which is on the top of the site are not visible?

I would really like some help with this please as I have been trying to figure this out all day.

I hope to hear from someone.


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