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3 year(s) ago
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Looking for SEO tips on site I put together

Searches for Patrick Redmond Artist do not reveal this site in google or bing searches. I have added a title to each section as well as tags but with no result, but if I check other indexhibit built sites such as Daniel Eatocks and Claire Atkinson they appear at the top of google searches.

Am I missing something basic, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


3 year(s) ago
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Try using things such as Google Webmaster Tools, Bing WT and Handed WT to have them crawl your site and index it.
It is always good to have your name somewhere on the index of your site, but remember - most search engines don't listen to meta tags anymore.
Get friends and family to go on your site regularly, spread the word and generate traffic to improve search rankings .
Also, if your site is https (TLS) secured it is more likely to reach a top result.
Hope that helps

3 year(s) ago
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I was meant to write Yandex instead of "Handed" sorry

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