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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.4 on April 10, 2017.

autosize for phone/tablet


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3 year(s) ago
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Does version 2 allow for re-size to iphones/ipad etc, and how do we adapt site to do that ?

3 year(s) ago
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I'm about ready to upgrade to the latest version of Indexhibit, is it mobile optimized? I recently received this email from my webhost Startlogic...
"Not long ago Google announced that as of April 21 'we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.' That's a major change... It means that preferential ranking treatment is now given to sites that are "optimized" for mobile. It also means that having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a nice option to give your customer—it's absolutely essential."

3 year(s) ago
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It is not. Vaska had indicated that a new version with this functionality would be available for preview two weeks ago, but it didn't happen, unless I missed it.

Can we get a realistic timeline on this please? I'm coming up on a major update soon and need to know if I have to code my own site or if something is actually imminent. I'd be happy with a simple over and over format with mobile menu. Doesn't need to be fancier than that to get started while other formats are in progress.

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