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long menu back to lower position


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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3 year(s) ago
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maybe this is an easy one. i searched the forums already...

in my site there's a plugin called 'Movement script for #menu v1.0', which i assumed is for fixing the position of the menu when the menu is too long to fit the screen and a lower link is being navigated. I have the plugin activated but i doesn't seem to work.
Daniel Eatock's site works this way, for example.

In my case, i've been going back and forth between using indexpand or not... but if i don't, i can't make the menu stay/go back to the position it was before clicking on a (low) menu link.

I like indexpand, but i don't quite completely feel comfortable with the hovering option (especially when section have many exhibits), while if i use the click option the links to sections don't seem to work anymore as such (they only serve to expand contract the section). maybe this can be corrected...

thanks a lot for your help.


Vaska A
3 year(s) ago
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It does not work with Indexpand.

I don't like the hover option either but people forced me to do it - oof.

It can't really be corrected, the section links, because if you wish for them to expand, the link option has to go (it's really a logic issue).

The good news is that for selected sections, you can ignore using Indexpand (it's in the options). This may or may not work out for you...again, it's a logic issue.

3 year(s) ago
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i know i can assign indexpand to selected sections. i have yet to explore that a bit and see how it feels...

but anyway, i was saying that the movement script doesn't work on my site even without indexpand. right now i have indexpand disabled and movement script enabled, and when i navigate to lower menu items they are out of the screen when the page loads.

do you know why this might be, that in my case movement script doesn't work?

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