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2 year(s) ago
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Vaska wrote: "Plus, Indexhibit the business no longer really exists - it was losing money for the obvious reasons. How is Indexhibit supposed to compete with companies releasing free things that are funded with hundreds of millions of dollars and employ hundreds of people? Indexhibit has always been just me...and that's not enough."

Why does Indexhibit have to be free? Who are these freebie competitors you keep bringing up? I tried all of them that I could find and they are horrible. Not trying to flatter you, but Indexhibit has a strong following for a reason. It's good. Artists like it because it is not all flashy and commercial-looking. Every other CMS is. The couple of them out there that tried unsuccessfully to rip you off your minimal style are not even close. I mean, they are REALLY bad. Every other decent CMS out there is hosted, and those are very limited and don't fit the styles that Indexhibit does.

Charge US$50 for the next release, if that will get it done. Anyone who has shopped around knows that that is a very good deal.

Vaska A
2 year(s) ago
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It's not that easy. People aren't going to pay that kind of money. I know...I've been there. I've lost a ton of money over the years bringing this to people (even if I did charge for a time).

I'm sad to tell you this, but Indexhibit isn't that amazing - the pressure of being put on a pedestal over the years was really far too much stress on me. Indexhibit is just another average cms (except that I got all of this right first but that means nothing today).

Why does Indexhibit need to be free? Because, I can't do everything myself. If Indexhibit made enough money then I could have at least hired some people to help out (like the "free" ones do). But, I don't have that money and I can't take money from people and not give them support in return. Right now, I'm basically only giving support (for the moment) to people who were kind enough to purchase it. I'm too honest to take money and think that people shouldn't get something more in return...

Plus, I do have to compete against hosted cms's - I simply don't have funds to do that, as well. It's funny that people don't even realize that some of these "free" projects are funded in the hundreds of millions of's true.

I don't want to have this conversation in here though - so I'm going to close this thread. You can email me if you really wish to talk about it but there is nothing really to talk about.

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