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Scroll bars missing


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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I found some earlier posts addressing different issues relating to the vertical/horizontal scroll bars but none of these posts seemed to deal with the same problem, or be able to solve it for me. I uploaded a backgroud picture to my site that was larger than the sceen but no scrollbars appeared anywhere thus making a large part of the picture inaccesible for viewing. I'd like to have a large background picture but one has to be able to 'reach' it through vertical and horizontal scrolling. I just removed the background picture but the problem with the missing scroll bars still remains. So I suppose the solution to this problem is to be found elsewhere than a large background picture? Do I need to set a fixed size to the webpage? Or does anyone know of some other settings that could make the scrolling bars appear? I just got started with indexhibit and is new to this so it might be a very easy problem to fix. Maybe some settings that are incorrect?

All help would be appreciated!

2 year(s) ago
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Hello again,

I figured out that the scroll bars didn't appear because of lack of content on the website, that they weren't needed as long as the page was empty. As soon as I uploaded some pictures the scroll bars appeared automatically. But then I start wondering why the background picture isn't considered as part of the content?

And another question relating to this: Is it possible to upload just one background picture (in the mainsection for example) and make this become the 'ruling' background for all other sections and exhibits? Or do I need to upload the same background picture to all sections and exhibits to maintain the appearance of having 'just one background'?

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