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Images Uploaded - Exhibit No Longer Viewable


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2 year(s) ago
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I uploaded a few images to a pre-existing exhibit.

Images finished uploading, but thumbnails did not show up.

Tried uploading the same images again, but I cancelled mid way through before they finished to try and reload before doubling up on images.

Refreshed the page to edit the exhibit, and all i get is a blank white page. Every other exhibit that i've made, I'm still able to edit with no issues.

This one exhibit link also does not work in the front end. I just get a blank screen again.

Is there any way to fix this? or am I going to have to create a new exhibit and re-upload everything that was in it previously? (seems easy enough, but I don't remember the exact order the files were in so it would be nice to not have to start over).


2 year(s) ago
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it may also be good to note that the files i uploaded were exported from Adobe Lightroom to fit the usual criteria for web.

In the past I had generally gone through photoshop.

not sure if that matters. but that's the only thing i had done different up till now.


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