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discussion thread for random fullsize background on 2.0 version


Indexhibit version: 2.0
Thread is not resolved.

2 year(s) ago
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Hello Forum,
I dont know what else to try right now than posting again; really dont want to pester the admins, but maybe someone who did this already can help.

I found a lot of threads about fullsize random backgrounds for Legacy, but only this one thread for 2.0. And I know there is a lot of people trying to realize this. I found this helpful thread from papercrate:, which I read carefully. Also I checked and compared my code with this links thread:…

As you can see I tested my code with typing
in my browser, and its working well. At least the images are randomly changing when refreshing the test (just it doesnt totally fill the page). Here you can see how it looks and also see the link to my website:…

But on my actual starter page, theres nothing than a blank white page with my title and section titles. Im using the columner theme and dont know wheather it might stop the code from working.. because papercrate wrote he's using default.

if please anybody could help with the direction..


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