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Login problem / reset2 plugin


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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1 year(s) ago
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I'm reading a lot of questions and answers on the forum about login problems after using the reset2 plugin. I've tried many things but it still doesn't work. I really don't understand what happen. It seems that many people have this problem, the answer is always to download the plugin and follow the instructions but something is still not clear for me. I've installed many times the new version of indexhibit, clear the new database. I only want to upgrade my website, but it's impossible to login. index1 / exhibit doesnt' work after using the plugin, and my email adress is not found after "using up all of my login attempts".
I haven't found any "step by step" answer after reading a lot of post in the forum, and follow the plugin informations.
What can I do ? something is surely missing in my approach.

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