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Sharing Link w/ image


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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1 year(s) ago
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Hi, I am trying to figure out how to include my home page image in the link when I share my website. At the moment when I copy and paste my website link into a site, facebook for example, just a blank square appears above my website title.

Thanks for your help.


Vaska A
1 year(s) ago
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This is a Facebook thing. I actually wrote a plugin in 2012 that faciliated exactly what you are talking about but you would not believe the hate mail I got about it. Seriously, really mad people because I allowed Indexhibit to embrace social media. I should write a book about this...I wonder if I saved any of those emails.

Anyways, I think the plugin around here somewhere and it would probably take me 10 mins to clean up. But, I have a computer emergency and I have to travel to the US very early in the morning. Send me an email at support [at] indexhibit [dot] org...wait...I see I have one here already. Send me another email if I don't get back to you by next Monday (I should, but give me a little time).


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