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can't login anymore, page stays blank


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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12 month(s) ago
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My host just updated to php7 and this made my complete website invisible, including the login page.
Now I have replaced the ndxzstudio file like the update info told me, but still get a blank page when I try to login on How do I get to the 'studio' page that the instructions talk about?
I've been on this the whole day. Made back-ups, tried to replace the whole thing from scratch, called my webiste's host, but without success.
Would be super grateful if someone point me in the right direction! thanks :)

Vaska A
12 month(s) ago
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You have to be careful - keep a backup.

From the error message on the front page of your site - something is wrong with the database connection. I would check the connection strings in /ndxzsite/config/config.php and make 100% sure they are correct (I'm betting they aren't though).

Otherwise, something isn't write with the database...not sure what to say about that.

12 month(s) ago
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Thank you for your quick reply Vaska!
I'm a bit of a newbie in all this backstage website stuff and learning a lot while doing:)
What do you mean by checking the connection strings. How do I do this?
(I'm suspecting it won't help that my host uses windowservers, but maybe that gives a hint in where to look for the problem?)

11 month(s) ago
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Update: I have changed to a new host, with Linux servers!
Installing the whole thing almost from scratch.
Just trying to see what I can transfer in terms of text and image files...
A hell of a job, specially with the settings. But happy to report that at least I have visible content on my website again! :)

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