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Column width + png


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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12 month(s) ago
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english below

Bonjour à tous !

Je débute ... Je n'ai pas trouvé la réponse à ma question, désolée par avance si j'ai mal cherché ...

Pour certaines sections, j'ai opté pour le format horizontal (texte en premier puis défilement d'images). Je n'arrive pas a changer la largeur de ma colonne texte. Une personne aurait-elle la solution ?

Question 2 : Je voudrais intégrer des images sur fond transparent en format png ou gif pour ma page d'accueil. Or le fond transparent devient noir dès qu'il est sur le site. Peut-on intégrer des images aux formats png ou gif sur indexhibit ?

Merci par avance de vos conseils !

Hi everyone !

I started ... I did not find the answer to my question, sorry in advance ...

For some sections, I opted for the horizontal format (text first and then scrolling images). I can't change the width of my text column. Someone have a solution?

Question 2: I would like to integrate images on transparent background in png or gif format for my homepage. Now the transparent background becomes black as soon as it's on the site. Can we integrate images in png or gif formats on indexhibit?

Thank you in advance for your advice! And sorry for my english ...

Vaska A
12 month(s) ago
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Desole, mais, je parle un peu l'français.

1. Did you adjust your settings in Admin > Formats > Horizontal?

2. That does not work (transparent backgrounds on gif/png). However, I am experimenting with (finally) getting Indexhibit working with Imagemagick (which is a branch on our Github now). But, I haven't tested it, yet. So, it's coming but I can't say how long it will take, I'm sorry.


12 month(s) ago
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Thank you so much !
I found for the width of my text column !

So I wait for transparent backgrounds :)

Many many thanks again for your quick answer !

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